Important News Concerning CCC Marking

Certification in China – Important News Concerning CCC Marking

On 15.3.2018 the certification authority CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R. China) announced on short term (announcement 10/2018) that the issuance of Permissions of Printing (PoP) for marking products with the CCC-logo (China Compulsory Certification) will be stopped as of 20.03.2018. According to the announcement, the owners of CCC certificates can start the marking immediately after receipt of the CCC certificate, provided they adhere to the guidelines. This procedure is similar to other well-known certification marks like E, CE or UL.

Previously issued Permissions of Printing for CCC do not require any changes of documents or marks.

The Chinese certification authorities shall finalize their preparations for administration and supervision of the CCC marking process before 01.05.2018 and take over from CNCA as of 01.05.2018.

Against currently known information, some certification organizations will start to publish a form for checking and documentation of the CCC marking in their application forms. The certification authorities will verify the implementation during factory inspections. Some certification organizations have not yet published all details for the implementation of the CNCA announcement, therefore, further info is expected within the next few weeks.

The CNCA department for the administration of the Permissions of Printing of CCC will be shut down as of 01.06.2018.

Furthermore, it was announced that the previously required additional characters in the CCC logo as for example S (Safety), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), S&E (S + EMC) und F (Fire Safety) will be omitted.

Additional characters in the logo are no longer required, see example:

The marking of cables and brake hoses by the characters „CCC“ instead of the CCC logo continues to be acceptable.