1. Seminar

China Compulsory Certification - CCC Certification in China

The Chinese customs have been consistently implementing the new CCC guidelines since August 1st, 2003. In addition, from March 1st 2007 affected products must be labelled according to the China RoHS regulation. The seminar will explain the system, describe the scale of fees and the necessary documents and name the relevant organisations.

2. Seminar

Approval of medical devices in China

The Chinese market for medical technology is already one of the 20 largest in the world and continues to develop rapidly. International suppliers have been present in the P.R. China for years with well-running business units. Small and medium-sized medical technology companies have recently started to become more involved in China and are recording expanding sales.

3. Seminar

Customs Compact / Trade China

The reduction of tariff barriers to trade with China has been a done deal since joining the WTO (World Trade Organisation). Implementation will be swift and without any ifs and buts. After all, China is a beneficiary of globalisation.

4. Seminar

Procurement market China and how to ensure quality

The seminar provides information about the different procurement possibilities in China and prepares the participants specifically for purchasing activities in China.

5. Seminar

Transport & Logistics in China

The industrialization of China places extreme demands on transport capacities in China. Despite the greatest efforts, infrastructure development continues to lag behind the economic boom. The first steps towards an acceptable logistics offer have been taken, but the Bohai, Yangze and Pearl River Delta centres are also limited.

6. Seminar

Successful approaches against product piracy in China

Product piracy in China. China is continuing to be a hotspot of product piracy. There are many reasons why this is the case, and why, although the subject is sufficiently well known, combating it is always dismissed as having little chance of success. The seminar analyses the situation and presents the applicable legal and administrative means against the infringement of industrial property rights in China.

7. Seminar

Sales market China and how to structure, build and optimize sales channels in China

The seminar shows the opportunities and risks of sales in China. It describes the steps required for the cross-border trade of goods to China.

8. Seminar

Intercultural training China and how to have a successful debut

Intercultural training deals with special characteristics of the social contact between business partners and colleagues and is a prerequisite for a successful cooperation.

9. Seminar

Myanmar Economy and Law (Burma)

President Thein Sein announced comprehensive reforms in his introductory speech in March 2011. Companies from all over the world are currently establishing or positioning themselves in the country, which has led in part to capacity bottlenecks in the existing hotel and transport infrastructure and also to an overheated real estate market.