Book: Certification in China (German language)

Certification in China – China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

The book explains how to identify products that require certification, describes the process for obtaining the CCC certificate, and identifies the most important organizations, customs tariff numbers, standards and test laboratories and includes samples of relevant forms. Available at the Mendel publishing house.

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Catalogue CCC on CD-ROM (German language)

Companies exporting goods to China should, in principle, check the possibility of a certification obligation to CCC in order to avoid nasty surprises during import clearance.

The CCC catalogue is based on notices published by the Authority CNCA (as of April 2009) and was also supplemented with all available information on the extent of the certification obligation (i.e. for the whole product number or only certain sub-sectors). Available at the Mendel publishing house.

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Import customs tariff codes China on CD-ROM (German language)

The CD-ROM includes the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) duty rate, considering temporary tariff allowances and tariff quotas as well as autonomous customs duties. Also both the value added, and the excise duty rates are integrated. There are also notes about possible bans and restrictions as well as documents to be submitted for import and export for each product number. Available at the Mendel publishing house.

Brochures & Whitepapers

In our freely available information brochures and whitepapers you can obtain detailed information for your success in China about:

  • Certification: NMPA, CCC, Manufacturer Licence (CML) Energy Label (CEL)
  • Sourcing and Quality Control
  • Logistics and Customs Support
  • Sales Support