Health Food

Food with an additional health benefit is regarded as Health Food and is divided into two categories (New Food Safety Law, Art. 74):

are vitamins or minerals intended to supplement the normal diet with nutritional or physiological effects. They must not have any health claims.

exhibit claims that are not compulsory and suggest special features.

  • Nutritional claims are descriptions that highlight an ingredient (the amount of nutrients, other substances or energy) and express that a food has notable nutritional properties; e.g. "rich in omega 3".
  • Health claims indicate a relationship between a food or nutrient and health improvement. So far, 27 different functional health claims have been defined, which are permitted on labels (New Food Safety Law, Art. 75)

1. Enhancing immune function
2. Assisting blood lipids reduction
3. Assisting blood sugar reduction
4. Anti-oxidative function
5. Memory improvement
6. Alleviation of physical fatigue
7. Alleviation of eye fatigue
8. Facilitating lead excretion
9. Moistening and cleaning throat
10. Assisting of blood pressure reduction
11. Sleep improvement
12. Facilitating milk secretion
13. Enhancing anoxia endurance
14. Assisting protection against irradiation
15. Assisting weight control
16. Improving child growth and development
17. Increasing bone density
18. Improving nutritional anemia
19. Assisting protection against chemical liver damage
20. Eliminating acne
21. Eliminating skin pigmentation spots
22. Improving skin moisture
23. Improving skin oil content
24. Facilitating digestion (regularity)
25. Regulation gastrointestinal bacterial flora
26. Improving constipation (facilitating bowel movement)
27. Protection of gastric mucosa

For more information on labelling requirements for food in China, read our * article * published in the Bundesanzeiger Verlag.

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If you require access to the official sources, we gladly share the relevant links with you.

The process of China NMPA registration of health foods is demanding. Our experienced consultants can guide you through the regulatory process in China, from preparing the application documents in Chinese to issuing the NMPA certificate. The NMPA approval for health food is valid for 5 years.

The NMPA Legal Agent for Health Food is responsible for the registration, supervision of the tests and administrative aspects during the registration application

  • Are you a manufacturer and you want to sell your health food in China?
  • Would you like to know how much time and cost you must expect for the China NMPA registration of your health food?
  • You are unsure who to use as your NMPA Legal Agent?
  • Are you worried about revealing the exact ingredients of your health foods during registration?
  • Advice on relevant regulations
  • Determine under which food category your product falls
  • Legal representation in China as NMPA Legal Agent for registration and regulatory affairs
  • Correspondence and coordination between you and the Chinese authorities in technical and cultural terms
  • Application for China NMPA approval
  • Provide documents including templates and advice on their correct completion
  • Analysis of ingredients and "claims" for compliance with Chinese regulations
  • Translation and notarization of documents and the Chinese label
  • Support of the tests in China
  • Follow-up of the results until the issuance of the NMPA certificate
  • Comprehensive support for follow-up activities (e.g. changes and renewals of registrations)

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