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What is CCC Certification?

The Chinese CCC Certification, also known as “China Compulsory Certification” (in Chinese: zhongguo guojia qiangzhixing chanpin renzheng, or just “3C”) is the most widespread product safety certification in China, it is a mandatory certification. It was implemented in the context of China’s admission to the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2002. It served two purposes: Already existing systems were to be consolidated and the certification process had to be made accessible for foreign manufacturers. On the other hand, China also wanted to increase product quality and safety for their own consumers. The CCC-mark covers a broad range of products and applies not only to Chinese manufacturers but worldwide to all goods imported to China.

Meanwhile, the CCC-Certificate has become an essential component of China’s international trade.
Chinese customs are very strict and thorough where CCC is concerned. Permissions of exemptions (e.g. due to small quantity) are very rare.

Back in 2002 Cisema was one of the first service providers, who was able to provide assistance to obtain a "CCC certificate". Cisema has important contacts to the Chinese certification organizations, which are crucial to the success of a certification application.

Although there already are standardized processes, official regulations, and specialized Chinese certification organizations, the requirements are still quite extensive and often very complex. Many applicants underestimate the extent of regulations and the conformity Chinese authorities expect. As a consequence, they often face extra work and rising costs.


Which product categories
do require certification?

The list of products that require certification as stated in the "Implementation Rules" has grown continuously over the past few years.

  • Electric wires and cables
  • Electric switches and equipment/facilities for safety and connections
  • Low voltage systems
  • Car Motors
  • Electric tools
  • Welding machines
  • Household products
  • Audio- and video equipment
  • Computer und computer accessories
  • Automobile lamps
  • Automobiles and safety relevant automobile components
  • Automobile tires
  • Safety glass
  • Agricultural machines
  • Telecommunication equipment and –accessories
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Anti-burglary security systems and security accessories
  • Wireless network equipment
  • Decorations and adaptation equipment
  • Toys and products for children

The list of the product categories that require certification is constantly being expanded and adapted. Further information please find in our CCC brochure, which you can obtain free-of-charge on our website.

The legal basis for Chinese certifications is set by particular product standards (GB-standards, GB means "guobiao" in Chinese) and the "implementation rules". The specifications are basically compatible with international norms but often differ in certain aspects or details. Therefore, foreign certifications or test reports usually are seldom accepted for a CCC certification.

Our Service

Which services does Cisema offer?

Regarding CCC certifications we offer the following extensive services:

  • Checking whether the product is CCC relevant
  • Comprehensive consulting and assistance during the application of CCC certificate, Voluntary certification (CVC, China Voluntary Certification), CCC negative statement/written confirmation
  • Assistance with application to the responsible Chinese Certification Organization
  • Communication with the Chinese authorities during the entire project.
  • Coordination of necessary type tests at accredited laboratories/test institutes (currently, tests that are required for certification need to be conducted in China mostly), including: Coordination of the preparations for tests, Organizational assistance with selection of the test samples, Procurement of test reports
  • Assistance with the CCC inspection: Preparation-audit (friendly audit) including target-performance comparison, and consultation on the implementation of regulations, Translation and assistance with technical details, Travel organization for Chinese inspectors, Taking care of the Chinese inspectors before, during, and after the factory inspection, all in the scope of our code of conduct
  • Consultation regarding the official regulation on placement of the CCC-marks on the certified products; support with registration and clarification with the respective certification organization or the purchase of official CCC stickers.
  • Assistance in maintaining the status of the CCC-certification (e.g. annual inspection and supervision or expansion of the product range, and application of changes that are subject to regulatory approval).

Your advantages

… how can you benefit from our services?

  • Correct application: Avoiding mistakes that are not easily detected. More than 15 years experience with a broad CCC-customer base has enabled us to provide a very sound service.
  • Contact person close to you, providing you with assistance even on short notice. Due to our locations in Germany and China, we are very flexible and available on short notice.
  • Avoiding misunderstandings caused by cultural or language barriers. Cisema offers interpreter services and is very familiar with the mentality of Chinese authorities.
  • Existing relations with Chinese authorities. Sound relationships with Chinese authorities are essential for all businesses in China. Our offices in China maintain these within the framework of our code of conduct (we respect FCPA https://www.justice.gov/criminal-fraud/foreign-corrupt-practices-act).
  • Specialized Know-How. Our long-term experience in the field of certification enables us to provide you with competent expertise. Saving of expenses. High costs occur due to mistakes and misunderstandings. We help you avoid these through an efficient approach.
  • Keeping a close watch on the latest regulations. Our local offices in China ensure that we are up-to-date on changes of CCC regulations. It is of utmost importance that applicants are aware of changes as Chinese authorities emphasize on strict and often immediate compliance with regulations.


Frequently asked questions

For the initial certifications you have to calculate at least 5-6 months. For specific product groups the required time frame can be considerably longer than that.

1) Application, 2) Tests, 3) Factory inspection. Only if all 3 points have been completed successfully a CCC certificate is issued.

Usually not. For electronics products you can submit CB test reports. However, very often afterwards there will be additional requests on the reports and therefore a very large expenditure of time is to be expected. It is possible that after lengthy discussions and adaptation and clarification the reports will still not be accepted.

For companies from outside of China usually not. If the product group is completely different from what has already been certified, an additional or extended factory inspection can be scheduled as part of the annual monitoring. In addition, test samples for tests in China may be required as part of the official application.

Whether a basic quality management which is able to conform to the certification’s requirements has been established and is practiced. Also, whether the information on the submitted forms matches the reality.

In principle, the marking with the CCC logo is allowed to start after a valid CCC certificate has been obtained.

A distinction must be made here in two cases:
1) You may design and apply the label yourself in accordance with the applicable requirements for the relevant product group. If necessary, the Chinese certification organisation in charge requires that the planned marking is to be reviewed on a document basis before it is issued. Then, after the certificate has been issued, the marking with the CCC logo is permitted.

2) The CCC marking must (this applies for a few product group), or should, be done with registered CCC logo stickers. As soon as a valid certificate is available, the stickers can be purchased from the responsible certification organisation.

Please note that after an invalid certificate, the CCC marking is no longer permitted. Products marked during the certificate's validity period and then sent to China may be refused by Chinese customs. In most cases,

Yes and No. The lower section of a CCC certificate lists what needs to be done to maintain validity. Annual factory inspections are required for most product groups. In conclusion, however, this also means that a factory inspection must be carried out before the expiry date to obtain a new one.

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