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About us

With its nine locations and over ninety highly qualified staff members Cisema belongs to one of the best addresses in consultation for China, with a focus on certifications and quality assurance in consultation for China.

The management’s experience with China dates back to the year 1985. Thus, today we are able to offer an optimal range of strong points for your requirements. Have confidence in our experts and experience for yourself how profitable an optimally organized partner can be for your business in China.

Many of our services are unique in the market. Back in 2002 we were the first to offer consultation services for the CCC certification. And we are still one of very few companies worldwide which can create quality manuals according to the regulations of the authority SELO for pressure vessels, boilers and pressurized parts. In case your manufacturing site is due for a mandatory inspection, few companies offer a comprehensive preparation audit for a precise evaluation and consultation on-site.

We differentiate ourselves from other NMPA registration service providers by providing free full-cost calculations including timelines.

For our sourcing and quality control activities, we work exclusively with our own personnel, which complies with our strict * Code of Conduct *.
Our level of know-how in these areas of expertise is unrivalled worldwide. With these strengths we would like to give you an advantage that will pay off.
Quality is our guiding principle in everything we do. We know that today this matters more than ever. We know that quality can be measured by the level of customer satisfaction. For this reason, our value-oriented customers have repeatedly chosen Cisema and thus long-term solutions: Quality for you in China – Cisema.

We are at your disposal


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or to request a non-binding offer.
You can contact us at +1 (0)773-449 5169 (US & Americas) or + 49 (0)89-4161 7389-00 (EU and worldwide) or via email.

To obtain further relevant information we recommend you
to visit our knowledge area or our registration page for exclusive information brochures.

Quality for China – Quality Worldwide

Our Aim

Through our work we want to contribute to reaching new heights of quality between China and the rest of the world and while doing so, show a level of service against which other companies can measure themselves. Especially in the area of certification for China we have been the first and are still the best. A standard which we want to retain and will.

We are proud to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers and believe that customer satisfaction is the main reason for the success of any company. We provide quality to our customers, so that they can pass it on. In this way we generate added value for both economy and society and thus strengthen businesses worldwide.
We invite you to shape, together with us, the continuous assurance and improvement of quality in various industries. For making China an open market to you. So that all the walls will fall for you:
Quality for You in China – Cisema.