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Other Certificates and Confirmations

Besides our core business in the area of certification for China, Cisema also can provide a wide array of speciality services in other areas.

Here we are dealing mainly with clearance certificates and confirmations for exemptions (waiver) regarding the CCC certification. Even if you are already aware that your product does not require a CCC certificate, please continue to read. You will learn whether any of the above-mentioned documents for customs might be a useful option in your respective case.

CCC non-applicability confirmation
With CCC non-applicability confirmations such as DFC confirmations (Define for Free of CCC) or CNC (Certificate of Non-Applicability of CCC) you can prove to the Chinese customs that any need for certification has been researched in advance and indeed no CCC certification is required.
Unfortunately, the Chinese customs are known for often holding back shipments which do not require CCC because of supposed evidence pointing to a CCC requirement. The necessary clarification of whether CCC is indeed required can cause considerable delays and generates costs due to the storage of the goods seized by customs. You can mitigate this risk right away by preparing CCC non-applicability confirmations for the customs clearance. We will be glad to advise you. You can reach us at +49 (0)89-4161 7389-00 or by Email.

Exemptions (waiver)
Depending on the intended use of the imported product or due to the low import volume, conditions could be met which would make CCC certification unnecessary.
There is a list of end usages which qualify for exemptions. However, Cisema focuses primarily on one area, the so-called “Maintenance Paragraph“, which permits the import of products for maintenance and repairs.
Considering the costs and the efforts of a CCC certification, many businesses try to obtain an exemption. However, this option is only effective in very specific cases, and there are vital details which have to be considered for the decision making. You can reach us at +49 (0)89-4161 7389-00 or by Email.

Low Delivery Volumes for products subject to certification (Low Volume Exemption)
According to an official table which you can find in our brochure, an import of low quantities of products which usually require CCC certification in China is possible without CCC certificate.

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